How HomeShare Kootenai County Works:

  1. Complete Application / Sign Program Agreement and Waiver – Complete an application online at or we can mail you one, if necessary.  You will also sign our Program Agreement and Waiver when you apply.
  2. Background and Reference Checks – We conduct criminal background checks and assist checking up to three reference checks on all applicants to help us find safe and compatible potential housemates for you.  It can take up to seven business days to confirm acceptance into the program after the application is received and background checks are completed.  Criminal history alone does not determine eligibility for HomeShare.  However, some crimes may be disqualifying.  This information will be shared with housemates.    
  3. Interview – You will interview with a Match Ambassador.  This gives us a chance to learn more about your specific interests and lifestyle. It also gives us a chance to visit with you in your home, if necessary.  Family members can participate in the interview, if you would like.
  4. Match Search – We start to look for a potential match based on your lifestyle, personal preferences and needs. When we have participants we think might be a fit, we call and tell you about each other. If you both decide you would like to meet, we plan a time for an introductory meeting.
  5. Match Introduction – When potential home sharers have agreed to meet, a Match Ambassador facilitates a talk between the prescreened participants chosen by the home sharing applicants. Participants have the opportunity to ask each other questions and express any concerns about privacy, security, compatibility, etc. This way you see for yourself if the person is a good fit for you.
  6. Match Agreement and Match Fees Paid to HomeShare Kootenai County– If both parties agree to a trial match, we can help create a Match Agreement outlining mutual expectations including details such as rent, services, housekeeping, visitors, schedules and notice that would be given to end the match.  There is no fee to apply for HomeShare.  However, if we are successful in finding you a match,  we charge the Home Provider a one-time match fee equal to 25% of the first month’s rent.  Home Seekers will be charged a match fee of $35.  
  7. Trial Match – If both agree to consider a match, we suggest a 2-week trial period to see if you are compatible. During this time, either person can decide to end the match. The home seeker must keep his/her current housing to have a place to go back to in case it does not work out. The home seeker does not bring all his/her things during the trial period.

Match follow-up care and ongoing support – A Match Ambassador stays in regular contact with the participants throughout the life of the match and is available if needs change or issues arise.

HomeShare participants are matched on the basis of compatibility; it can take weeks or months to find a compatible match. The HomeShare Program does not provide emergency housing, and placement is not based upon vulnerability. HomeShare Kootenai County, Inc. cannot guarantee a match for any participant.