Frequently Asked Questions

HomeShare Kootenai County’s FAQs will be updated as the Board of Directors and committee members develop program guidelines and procedures. Community input is welcome. Please email if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback.

What is homesharing?

Homesharing is a mutually beneficial arrangement where two or more unrelated individuals share housing. A HOME PROVIDER offers a private room to a HOME SEEKER in exchange for monthly rent, assistance around the house, or a combination of both.

What type of home can be shared?

Houses, apartments, condominiums, and even mobile homes can be shared. HOME PROVIDERS agree to provide a private room and share common space with a HOME SEEKER.

What areas are served by HomeShare Kootenai County?

HomeShare Kootenai County serves residents in Kootenai County, including the cities of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Dalton Gardens, Hayden Lake, Spirit Lake, Hauser Lake, Harrison, Worley, Athol and Bayview.

Is homesharing right for me?

Kootenai County residents of all ages can participate in the homesharing program. Here are some examples of who could benefit from a homesharing arrangement:


  • Empty nesters who aren’t used to a quiet house.
  • Snowbirds who need a reliable house sitter.
  • Senior couples who enjoy company of any age.
  • Elderly who would welcome some extra help and security of having a housemate.
  • Singles who could use a few extra dollars each month.
  • Traveling workers or retirees.
  • A recently divorced or widowed person who is transitioning.


  • Hospitality workers who move seasonally.
  • Empty nester wanting to downsize and eliminate household maintenance responsibilities.
  • Teacher or professor who only needs housing 9 months per year
  • Traveling nurse who will rotate to another town.
  • College student who only needs housing while school is in session.
  • Young adults saving for a future home purchase.

Are HOME PROVIDERS and HOME SEEKERS screened and vetted?

HomeShare Kootenai County will screen applicants and conduct background checks on both HOME PROVIDERS and HOME SEEKERS.

Who determines the price of rent?

HOME PROVIDERS determine the rental amount and specify other terms of the rental agreement, including any work provided in lieu of rent. Each homesharing arrangement is unique.

I am interested in homesharing. How do I sign up?

Simply complete our online application!

When will HomeShare Kootenai County launch?

HomeShare Kootenai County is aiming to make the first homesharing matches through the program in February 2023.